Does my email list get shared with anyone?

No, we’re like the Switzerland of the email network. We keep each client’s emails completely separate – no one else sees your emails.

I already send emails to my list, is this going to be an issue?

Your boomtime marketing team will design your promotional campaign calendar taking your existing email newsletter into account. Or, we’re happy to send all of your emails for you.

Can I customize images for my emails?

It’s quite helpful if you want to provide the images for your emails. We use a primary image with your logo superimposed upon it.

Can I link from my promotion directly to my website ?

All emails going to a landing page which then collects emails for people that want to receive your offer. Once they’ve entered their email, we can automatically redirect them to the appropriate content. You can also sell pre-paid offers and gifts with Instant Gift Certificates.

How much work do I have to do?

Your boomtime marketing team needs your help in an initial interview process where we really get to understand your business and put together your first promotional calendar. You can then be as hands on or off has you would like, other than approving your promotions.

What is the process for building the promotions?

By combining boomtime’s extensive experience in building successful email campaigns and your experience in your business, we  build a series of promotions that fit you and your network. We then learn from prior promotions as we build new ones.

How do I get you my email list?

If you have an email program, you can export your list to an Excel sheet or cvs file. If you need help we have experts that can help you with this process.

How does the billing work?

We set you up on recurring credit/debit card payments. The setup and first month are charged to your card upon signup, and then monthly billing at the beginning of each month.

Is there a contract?

We believe in a long term relationship with our clients, but not because of a contract. You can cancel anytime.

If I quit will you refund my setup fee?

It takes a lot of upfront effort to start a marketing campaign, and therefore we do not refund setup fees.

How do I know when my email campaigns go out?

We will add your personal email so that you receive a copy of your promotion.

Can we track them?

We provide reports that will show you the tracking data from the emails. Every quarter we will review these reports and help the next quarter.

How do you handle having the same email address in multiple lists?

We make sure that individual recipients are not overwhelmed by emails from our network, and don’t keep seeing the same promotion over and over again. Our algorithm focuses on delivering the content that is most relevant to each recipient.

If I cancel, what happens to my email list?

If you decide that boomtime is not for you we will deactivate your email list and send you your most current list electronically.

What exactly do you do with my email list?

Once we receive your list we run it through several processes to ensure the quality of the recipient emails. We will check for duplicates, check for bad emails, and “clean” them to assure high deliverability.

How do I add more emails to my network?

If you are using one of the tools we provide the emails will already be in the system and will be sent on the normal schedule without you needing to do anything. If you are collecting emails in some other way contact your marketing team and they will gather the emails from you and put them in boomtime.