Pajarito Powder

Pajarito Powder

Pajarito Powder manufactures drop-in replacement non-platinum fuel cell catalysts. The company’s products are highly technical and its customers are knowledgeable. While reasonably well known in the scientific community the company needed to spread its message, principally through its website, to a wider community of potential customers.

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– Customer Comment

Intake and Design Strategy
During our intake discussions with Pajarito it became clear that the site needed to balance the depth of detail prospects needed to understand their services it also needed to paint a broader picture for potential clients. Specific areas of focus in the intake included:

  1. You get what you pay for – A critical part component of Pajarito’s value proposition is the fact that they use low cost materials (as opposed to expensive platinum). To address this we developed an information architecture that combined carefully crafted copy and data illustrations highlight its disruptive offerings.
  2. pajarito-2The team is everything – Like many research-based organizations, the people behind the product are often as important as the product itself. Pajarito has a top flight group of researchers and advisors so we built a special page highlighting key management members and their backgrounds and areas of research.
  3. Spread the knowledge – Like many organizations which straddle the line between academia and industry, Pajarito and its advisors are actively in research beyond their proprietary products. To address this issue we created a separate page with links to papers created by their employees and advisors as well as references to related works by other researchers.