Recarnation is a mobility solutions company that specializes in increasing the lifespans of cars through repair and renovation. While they sell cars they have reconditioned, much of their growth is driven by fixing existing cars for their customers at reasonable rates.

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– Customer Comment

Intake and Design Strategy
Recarnation has a unique business in the sense that it is focused on fixing existing cars more than selling new ones. Its target market is a predominantly lower income woman and the site was designed to address the core needs of its customers – i.e. whether to buy or fix your car.  The site we designed for Recarnation revolved around the following three elements:

  1. Love Your Car – We helped Recarnation reframe its brand positioning to appeal to their target demographic with both copy and images, re-enforcing their key value proposition of keeping existing cars running longer
  2. recarnation_2The Car Curve Test – To contextualize the decision making process that almost all of their customers go through we created the “Car Curve Test” an embedded app that was designed to help people figure out whether to buy or fix and which of Recarnations products fit their profile.
  3. Commitment to Charity – Recarnation has a longstanding commitment to local charities the benefit their target audience and others in need. To highlight their commitment we created a separate section on the site dedicated to their charitable missions