Resilient Solutions CEO: Charles Wrath

Resilient Solutions

Resilient Solutions is a cutting edge consultancy focused on urban sustainability, pinpointing opportunities and creating systems that make the places people live and work thrive. Because they are dealing in an area that is complex and new to many people, the site they needed required a tailored approach that got across their core competencies quickly while allowing users to drill into the details across a wide range of subject and service areas.

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– Charles Wrath

Intake and Design Strategy
What we learned in our intake process with Charles Rath, Resilient’s CEO helped us create an approach that balanced the depth of detail their prospects needed to understand their services while ensuring that they ‘got it ‘on first glance.

  1. Keep it clean – Resilient is a thought leading 21st century company with cutting edge products, a broad network of experts that they can bring to bear on the wide range of services they deliver.  To communicate this effectively we used a mix of images, and iconography to achieve a somewhat edgy cinematic look for them that communicated immediately that they were a company of the future not the past.
  2. Urban focus – because the work that Resilient does revolves around cities, we carefully selected images that immediately drove home the urban centric nature of their mission and services. Photo selection was deliberately skewed toward more atmospheric images that would connote the complexity of the urban experience.
  3. resilient_fullKeep it simple – Resilient uses state of the art tools and data to analyze massive amounts of data. Its services are complex and detailed. We focused on creating an information architecture that allowed people to quickly understand what Resilient did while giving them quick access to details. We used a layout model that organized the information hierarchically, putting the key elements at the top and allowing users to drill into the details as they navigated down the page.
  4. It’s all about the data – Resilient is a data company and we needed to communicate their focus interactively, without using complex tables and static images that required complex explanations. Working with their team we created a data ‘widget’ that showed in graphic terms the scope of the challenge facing cities as they grapple with environmental and social issues.