Range Cafe owner Matt DiGregory

The Range Cafe

Ordinary Food Done Extraordinarily Well… The Range Café is a New Mexican institution that defines the essence of the cuisine and culture of the state. From its focus on fresh ingredients to its eclectic art collection to its weekly music and cultural events, the restaurant represents the best of what the state has to offer – great food, great atmosphere and great staff.

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– Matt DiGregory

Intake and Design Strategy
The key things we learned in our intake process with the Range Café’s owners defined how we approached the site

  1. Fun not flat – while the Range wanted a modern site that worked across all devices they also wanted to make sure the sites aesthetic mirrored the eclectic, colorful, textured vibe that makes the Range what it is. Based on their color and image selections we developed a palette and image mix that matched the playful décor and bright but textured colors of their restaurants.
  2. Events and more events – the Range has a lot going on and hosts all sorts of events so they needed a way to make sure that people were aware of what was happening every week. To make sure that their customers know what’s going on we embedded an editable event schedule that Range staff use and update regularly.
  3. Food, food, food – not surprisingly food, made from scratch is at the heart of the Range experience so they asked us to put it front and center. We worked with them to find a local photographer who photographed the food as it came from the kitchen. We then created a dedicated food photo gallery that is updated on a regular basis based on seasonal changes to the menu.
  4. range-cafe-3Dynamic content – the Range is a fast moving place and they wanted to make sure that people could see and use social media tools to keep up with what was going on and post pictures they took for others to see. To accomplish this we created an instagram sidebar that appears on all interior pages and allows people to post their pictures and comments about their experiences.